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Matt Sulima

Experienced IT Engineer/ Mobile & Web Developer
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About Me

I am Matt Sulima...

I am twenty-four years old Polish developer. I live in Wroclaw, Poland. I am IT Engineer. I have 4+ years of experience in C#/.NET - desktop and web development with databases and full backend/api support. I am also Android developer (2 years of experience) and project manager.

Skills & abilities

JavaScript / jQuery
Windows Phone

My Specialities

Website Production

Great, modern, responsive websites.

Android Development

Native, tailor made Android Apps

Backend Concepts

Wide usage api, website beckend, mobile app backend, databases.

Experience & jobs

03.2015 – …. MonkeySource Ltd. VB ASP .NET /Android Developer
Most part of my work is web app (Visual Basic ASP .NET). I use LESS files, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular JS for frontend, Amazon SDK, SQL Server (based on stored procedures), MailChimp, PDF, ASP .NET Web Forms for backend. I also work on desktop product for management app for suport team. Occasionally I help with mobile (Android) applications.
03.2015 – …. WrocApp s.c/ GeeksDeck Ltd. Co-founder & ASP .NET/.NET/Android Developer
I was responsible for relationships with clients and (ASP .NET/ASP .NET MVC/WCF), mobile (Windows Phone) and desktop .NET applications. In my portfolio are: 1) a smartpen app (Android) – application to display (on mobile screen) text written on paper using inteligent pen. Integrated with sharing, translations, editing drawings 2) Windows Phone app for postmans and post offices to schedule work 3) Web Forms – (company’s product with own CMS) responsive custom forms for surveys, events, registrations, 4) Android social media app based on Facebook 5) API for image OCR (text recognition with position of letters) 6) Android App for choosing restaurants only by voice 7) WCF API for biggest Catholic app in Poland 8) Android TV app for live video streaming. 9) few more. Please see www.geeksdeck.com
10.2014-03.2015 Stermedia sp. z o.o. C# Developer
Prepared API for OCR system for face recognition and for text extraction from images. Desktop application to communicate webcam with API and with external systems.
10.2014 – 12.2014 Wroclaw University of Technology Engineering Thesis
European Capital of Culture - Wroclaw 2016. CMS in ASP .NET MVC with WCF API for mobile.
09.2014 – 01.2015 Wroclaw University of Technology C#/Android Developer
I was writing user interface layer and database model for application for optimization trains inspections. Also I was responsible for writing Android app for biggest Polish dictionary.
09.2014 – 01.2015 Voipswitch Inc. C# Developer
I was responsible for custom controls, custom modules and new features, fixing errors, creating database schema for Windows Forms/Windows 8 applications.
08.2013 – 04.2014 Microsoft Corporation Translator
Member of group translating Microsoft products and documentation from English to Polish.
10.2012 – 01.2013 Microsoft Poland Student interships - C# Developer
10.2011 – 09.2014 Wroclaw University of Technology Student research group – active member , co-organizer, C# Developer

Language skills


Hobbies & Interests

  • Disco music
  • Football
  • Cheap travels
  • Gyroplanes

Education & courses

08.2014 Microsoft MS-20480 Programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3 training (70-480 passed)
09.2011 –01.2015 Wroclaw University of Technology IT Engineering studies
In my daily live

4 years of experence - hundreds frameworks, tools and products tested!

Look at examples
  • Retrofit
  • Google Maps
  • BusEvent (Otto)
  • ButterKnife
  • Wikitude SDK
  • Skobbler Maps
  • gson
  • TTS
  • Android Wear SDK
  • Android TV
  • Bluetooth LE
Android Mobile and Wear
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS (basics)
  • EntityFramework
  • NHibernate (basics)
  • LESS files
  • Amazon SDK
  • Syncfusion
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
Web Websites and Backend
  • Bitbucket/Github
  • SourceTree/TortoiseGIT
  • Slack
  • Jira/Redmine
  • Azure
  • Windows Server(basics)
  • Fabric(Crashlitics)
  • Sketch for Mac
  • Photoshop
  • Skype
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