2016-10-07 13:48:46

Where to store images for website/mobile app?

Project with images - where should I store my content? Should I use Google Drive/ Dropbox/ OneDrive/Amazon or any other solutions?

I am developing a mobile app where I need to download a list of images from web. I can store URLs in database (hosted on web) but I need to have images somewhere where I can reuse and edit without any restrictions. Some people thinks that simple image hosting is enough but I suggest to leave this for shoprt-term sharing. The reason is simple - 1. Usually you can't group images
2. Prices are high, free accounts will share your images to public
3. Image Hosting providers usuallly hosts images for some short term time, so they will dalate image after few months

I decided to use cloud hosting. I had a dilemma which provider to use so I've tried all popular. My outcome is simple - most of popular solutions you can't use for your mobile app.

My research I've started by One Drive and Google Drive. Uploading methods are simple for both products, at the beginning I was happy how quick it was. Unfortunately after some time my images disappeared! One Drive and Google Drive protects sharing images. You can share by url but url redirects to google web app, no to image directly and if you will get the direct image url it will change after some time :) Dropbox does almost the same - almost because you won't see wrong link but image in weird format which you can't use in mobile app :) And the same problem will be with web, where this is important for facebook sharing - shared page won't have images, even if you can see this image on original page :o

After some time testing I suggest using Amazon S3 storage or solutions similar to this. Amazon looks quite cheap and you will be sure that your links will survive for a long time :) The inconvenience is that their web panel isn't userfriendly. For example you will need to make each uploaded image public (if you won't do this then you will have the same problem as for other storage providers )

Amazon Screenshot

Have a nice day