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If you have a project, no matter, web, mobile or desktop I can help you to valuate it. After that you can decide if you want to get job done by me. Your project looks too big for one person? No worries, I cooperate with few software houses from Poland and UK and we all can think about helping you.

Note: All data send to me I treat as confidental and I don't share witout your permission. All to protect your ideas.

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Fixed Price

I am valuating project. Then we discuss about details and costs. After our preparations I am starting my work. I am delivering your app with code and full support. Publication on Google Play/cloud/server is optional and depends on your prefernces

Responsive" Price

Popular "time and material". You have own software developer and you are paying for hours spent on project. General valuation included before start to estimate time and cost and to schedule development plan. Weekly reports, daily discussions.

Creative ideas

If you don't have money but your idea looks attractive for me we can think about development for shares in new bussines.

Lots of experience

Creative ideas

High skills!


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