2016-10-05 00:00:00

Why you shouldn't start conversations sending NDA

Sign NDA and I'll tell you about my idea.

Today I am thinking why many people need NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). They want to sign the NDA before talking about "potential cooperation" on developing a product. Why? People think that NDA will protect them. If you have a company and you want to protect plans or you have spent some money on preparation then it makes sense. I would call it as an kind of your "know-how". Great. But you are a person, connected to IT wolrd or not, and you have only small idea. You think that it will change the world, so it's woth to spend all money, waste any time and product is now worth billions of dollars! But you can't say about it :)

Nope. Nobody knows about you idea so you can be wrong - tool/service can be useful only for you or only for few people. This needs a review! You probably don't have a good plan with steps to produce it. Okay, let's agree that the idea is worth some money - but definately not much! Good project consists of good idea, better plan and best resolution. Idea only in your mind means nothing. Going back to NDA... many people think that everybody wants to steal their business. If you want to prepare upgraded version of food or drink company it makes sense. Here the simple recipe is the most important thing. But IT? In IT probably all ideas exist. I am sure - at least similar to yours. If you don't see them you need to research deeper. Or project is dead - maybe idea is bad? I'll assume that product isn't working because of authors mistakes. So time to make it BETTER! You know how to do it better? Perfect, but this doesn't mean that you will scare your potential partners sending NDA before any discussion... Second thing is that app production isn't as simple as you think. So as it's costly for you it will also be a huge cost for other side. Also, I am sure you will be the most productive person as an inventor and nobody from partners copmany will replace your position in project. In this case... is NDA really necessary?

Another point, nobody will start developing just because somebody came and said "this app can change the world". We aren't sure how people will react to new solution. Most companies/software houses have many projects which will get them money. Spending additinal time causes risk - not only that they can waste money, but also because you can produce product better, quicker than they.

Other reason, for me the most important is that NDA won't protect your idea. You can't buy any patent or license so I can always say: "OOOLD!" or "I was thinking about the same". After six months you will see your idea in Google Play and you can't do anything. Bye

For me NDA is good for copmanies cooperation, for people who nned to protect they money and things which they already have. For people who only have an idea the NDA doesn't change anything. Trust me, it looks amateurish and many of your potential partners will think that this is silly.

Do you disagree? Let me know in private message.